Sunday, March 05, 2006

Glad I Watched The Oscars

Busy, Busy, Busy. Canucks got handed last night vs the Blues. NCAAB heating up. Let's roll...

Is This a Playoff Team??

The Canucks got absolutely spanked last night 4-1 against the St. Louis Blues. Thank God, I watched mostly the Oscars, although that's 12 bucks down the drain. The team was brutal, they had no jump or energy whatsoever, they mind as well have suited up the Moose. The 64 thousand dollar question is what will Dave Nonis do. Every sports jockey has their opinion, "We need a backup goalie", "We need help on the backend", "We need a #1 goalie", "We need a topline center", "Trade Bertuzzi", "Trade Naslund", "Do nothing", everything and anything is up for grabs. Bottom line, I don't think the Canucks are going anywhere this year. They don't have the personnel, the coaching, the heart to win. With the exception of the Sedins and Carter, the whole team has pretty much underperformed the whole season, what the hell makes anyone think they will do anything when the playoffs come. Anyways, done with my rant. I say, start rebuilding for next year.

March Madness, It's Begun

Several mid-majors have their tickets to the big dance. With the Conference Tournaments coming up, the rest of the bracket will start filling in. The big ones to watch this week of course are the Big East, ACC, CUSA, PAC-10, among others. Hot topics of the day include whether or not 7 or 8 teams from the Big East should get in. My personal feeling is that Syracuse should not get in, they have a barely .500 record and from watching the game vs Villanova, they don't have enough big game talent. Other hot topic is Duke possibly getting bounced out of the top 4, especially following the loss to UNC. Villanova, Gonzaga, and UConn are for sure top 4 seeds. I still can't believe Selection Sunday is only 6 sleeps away. It only gets crazier from here on out.


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